Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shit! Talking about having a bad day

Just watch today's F1 Race on TV. Kimi Raikonen lost the race with just one more lap to go. He was leading comfortably at first place but lady luck must have gone to the toilet almost at the end of the race when he's tyre blew on his face. He must be cursing like hell right now, and tomorrow or untill the next race. Imagine, one more lap to go and he'll win for the second time. But, alas!

Alonso, have done well. Stuck to his job and even almost catching up to Raikonen. He was a couple of mins away behind Raikonen. What luck, when he saw in front of him Raikonen F1 car crash to the side of the track. Don't worry, Raikonen wasn't hurt. You can see his frustrations from the camera installed inside his car. Alonso, currently at the top of the F1 racing championship, duck away and promptly took over the no.1 spot. Geez! I pity Raikonen. He was on his way to win the second race but, his car can't handle the pressure.

Michael Shumacher? Well, I missed the start of the race but they're showing the replay right now and it seems at the start of the race, something happened and Shumacher were pushed away out of the track and lose a couple of places. So did a couple of race. This season race, because of the tyre rules change a lot of things had happened. A lot of tyre blow out, a lot of accidents and now a new leader leading the F1 race championship. I must hand in to Alonso and renault for doing well taking advantage of the rule. Having a good car, a good driver, and tyre's that don't blow out at your face!

Barrichelo manage to get to third and a podium place for the Ferrari team. Michael is having a tough season. Barrichelo seems to be having problems too. But, today, he's done well and win the third place. All in all, it's an exciting race, not for some though but, it's hotting up and at the end of the season we might have a new F1 champions. We'll see. So, if you have the chance watch the F1 race and enjoy!

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