Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Law of getting rich

At first, I didn't know what to write on my blog today. I'm still thinking of a good title for this blog. But, I decided to put "The Law of getting rich" in the end. Let's see if the contents is the correct one for todays topic. Right,...

Today, I've discovered an interesting subject to talk about. You see, I have a friend. She's kind of a compulsive gambler. She said every month she blows $600 buying 4D, a kind of totto or lotto or whatever you want to call it. It's all basically the same. You pay money in a 1:100,000,000 chance of winning the big prize. You could win small and sometime you could win big. From what I've heard from her and some of my friends, sometime they could win prize up to $5000. That's cool money. But, guess what? As much money as they could win, they blow all of it. Time and again, either they win big or small, the money will be gone. They'll either spend it all, or whatever. I don't think they saved any of it. If not, they would at least give me a treat (listening guys)!? But that's another point altogether.

Now, compare to what they are doing with their money and what I'm doing right now "investing" it in this program. How does the program works? It's easy. I put in money, I buy advertising package and leads. I doubled or tripled, quadripled etc my money back. It's kind of a guaranteed way for me make money, weekly, monthly, yearly. Also, if I manage to recommend someone into the program I will have another source of incomes from the compensation plan. That's paid monthly to my bank account. This could be US$20 upto US$1000.

Can you see what I'm trying to tell you here? Can you see the different pictures and scenario? That's my law of getting rich. Imagine, just for the sake of simplicity, every month by investing into my program I will bring back US$10,000 (just an estimates). How much you think, by year end I will be earning? I could be putting in US$1000 into this program and collect a cool US$10,000.

Look at my friends, they are blowing a couple of hundreds into buying hope. They hope to win money. Whereas in my case I don't hope. I have a guaranteed income. A guaranteed return of my investment. And remember, even if they do win, they'll almost spend it all! They even admit that sometime they wonder, where all the money they had won gone to? It's the law of accumulation. If you don't accumulate your earnings, save it, expand it, and make it grow, you're definitely wasting your time and money for that matter.

For example, monthly, you saved $100. By year end, you'll have $100 x 12 months = $1200. That's better then throwing away your money by buying hope. In the hope of getting huge returns. Just think about what I've said. Where do you 'throw' your money on when you get your hard earned pay? Do you waste it? Or you have a savings plan. What will happen to you in the next 10 years? Will you retire rich? Will you retire poor?

Here's a simple tip for you:

1. Religiously, save 1/10th of your money, weekly, monthly etc. That's the minimum. The rest you can spend it on anything your hearts desire. Go for a travel, buy new cloth, bills or whatever.

2. Save or keep your money in a safe place and don't touch it. That should be your retirement money. Don't depend on the government or anyone to support you when you're old or sick or whatever. The only person you can always count on when the chips are down is yourself.

3. Invest! Use part of your money, and I repeat part of it ONLY to invest in a sure-fire-way of you getting a good return. This could be anything. Maybe, you know of someone who want to start a business. You could be her sponsor. Please, do your due diligents. Study the opportunity, learn it, look at it at every angle. If you're confident, this business will prosper, and you like what you saw then by all means. Invest in it. But, like I always said. Always, leave room for failure. That's why, I advice you to only invest part of your money to invest. Nothing is 100% sure. The most you can be assure of is a 99% sure that you'll get your returns. But, remember, rather then keeping part of your money and earning nothing in return. Might as well, you make your money work for you!

Note: If you have spare money to invest in, I invite you to take a look at my program. It's something I've been investing my money in and getting returns. All info, facts, testimonials can be found on my site. Click here to visit it.

Phew! I'm already feeling tired just thinking and typing about it here. Guess that's it for today.

Hope you guys have a great day. Good luck!

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