Tuesday, May 17, 2005

YOU're either with me or against me...

I think president Bush might have borrowed that word from GOD. Why so? Because, if you read history of the past. When GOD send messenger like prophets (Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus etc) to his people, as messenger of good news and warnings. There will always be two side. Okay, maybe three which don't know or rather sit on the fence between hell and heaven!

One will aggree with the prophets and the other side will not. So, in a way, might have said (through his messenger) YOU're either with me or against me. Those who chose to believe will forever reside in bliss in heaven. While, the disbeliever will forever reside in hell with satan. Of course, through the ages, tribes, civilization were destroyed because they were against GOD. That's why up till now, people keep digging and finding about past civilizations that seems to prosper then dissappear.

Think about it through mankind history, how many civilization and culture could be on earth? We are the part of the lost civilization. We are part that were not againts GOD. We prosper but then began to destroy ourselves right now. Right now, there's no more prophet left to give us warnings. The impedent dooms day. When it come, will you return to GOD willingly, or you still want to stay on bitter earth. Bitter mankind. Who keeps fighting each other. Warring againts each other. The end will be near. The choice as always will be yours..

"Just because majority thinks it's right doesn't mean that they are right. They could be wrong. Just like the majority vote for president Bush, doesn't mean he's a better president. Majority doesn't always win.." - fauzi

Here's an interesting story: I'll try to tell as much as I can remember of the story. I read a lot of this stuff long time ago ..ahem when I was a bit younger (GOD showed me the way).

Okay here goes,.. Once there was a guru that a lot of people went to to study from him about GOD and religion and all that stuff. Then one of the student stand up and ask him a question about satan.

He said, "Satan is made of fire and men from parts of earth (clay or mud etc). If satan is throw inside the hell's fire like all of the disbeliever, will he still feel any pain since he's made from the source of fire?"

The guru was quite for a moment then grab a fistfull of harden earth and throw at the guy's face. The guy got angry and complained to the authority. When the guru was asked why did the threw the harden earth to the guy's face. The guru calmly replied," He had asked me how satan could still feel pain if satan are made from fire, so I threw the hardened earth at him to reply him. Men are made from parth of earth and will return to earth (dead and buried). If he can feel the pain from the hardened earth, satan will also feel the pain when thrown to hell's fire."

The moral of the story? Don't ask stupid questions. LoL!

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