Sunday, May 29, 2005

Will you cannibalize to survive?

Funny, the tv shows keep showing about cannibalism this past few weeks. Makes you wonder...

Just saw a movie on preview movie cable Entitled: Ravenous. It's about a federation captain(acted by Guy Pearce) who were forced by a man to join him and be a cannibal. The story goes that indians believe that if you eat another man, you'll gained their wisdom, become more healthy etc. Well, not sure if it's really true. It's just a movie, right? But, I remembered a research done about cannibals who do it with the same reason. The movie kind of gory, but it makes me think. If a group of you are stranded somewhere that food can't be find for months, will you turn to each other, kill and eat?

For the sake of survival, most people will do it. There's a whole lot of stories where you might have read and listen to. If it happen to you what will you do? Well, back to the movie, in the end the captain finally killed the man and in the process kill himself. He will rather die then join him and be a cannibal his whole life.

For me, I would have chose the captain choice. Even worms can live on rocks and why not human with all his superiority? It's easy to say that right now, who knows if it really happens to me? What will I really do? What will you really do? I guess when the time come, will humanity prevail? Or our animal survival instincts take over?

What's your choice?

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