Friday, May 20, 2005

This season "Apprentice" the women suckz..

I've been wanting to post this but keep forgetting about it. 'Cause nowadays, I don't watch the apprentice anymore. The women in the program really turn me off. All of them suckz big time! If I were Donald Trump, I would have FIRED all of them at one go base on incompetent and disgusting character and attitude. Then I'll get a new batch of women to try their luck to be Donald Trump new apprentice or just let the guys battle it out from there.

Not one, even impress me. This ladies are suppose to be vying for a "job" with Donald Trump not to win million dollars program like the Fear factor or Survival. Yes, on these programs, you do whatever you can to win. Not in a show like the apprentice. Imagine working with any of this women? Some would cry under pressure, use vulgar language, back-biting etc. Okay, I know every company out there have people like them. But, at least the whole world doesn't know that you sucks at your job or attempt to do a job!

I'm still surprise though, there're still women in the finale. The guy should win, not sure what his name is. The women, talk too much, complain too much. Yes, I do notice that some of them are kind of beautiful, but that's about it. When they open their mouth, it's all rubbish.

I don't know about you but, I would prefer to work with someone who have a good character, don't use vulgar language, intelligent, unique, friendly and most importantly professional.

If you're not one of them then you're FIIIRREEEDDDDD!!

Ehehe..always wanted to say that!

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