Sunday, May 15, 2005

Get PAID to search!

I found this nifty tools and money maker all in one yesterday while surfing through sites. Here's how it works. First, you need to go to the site and register. After registering your email, how to get paid, via checks etc. You, login and you'll get a referral URL. Use, it to promote it through your blog or site. Copy and paste it to your browser and bookmark it for easy access everyday.

Everyday, you just log-in to your account then start searching. You can do any kind of search, search for words you don't understand, or not sure how to spell it etc. Wait for a while and you'll see a timer. Once the timer is up and you found whatever you are looking for click the link back provided on top to do another search. You can also just click your browser back button. You, doesn't have to go back to your own url again. As long as you have sign-in you can use for up to 40 searches.

Now, here's the interesting part (bucks $$). Every searches you do, you'll earn $0.02. If you do 40 searches, you'll earn a total of $0.80 everyday. I know doesn't seem much. But, here's the good part. If you manage to get at least one referrals, could be anyone, your friends maybe? You can earn $0.80 + $0.80 (1 referrals) = $1.60

That means, you can now earn $1.60 per day. $1.60 x 35 = $56 that is if your referrals do the same as you that is to 40 searches per day.

Note: You need a minimum of $50 in your account to be able to get paid on every 15th. So, just for doing searches everyday you can earn up to $50! If you can get a couple of referrals via your friends or from promoting it online you could be earning $100s within a month!

Tell me that's not EASY money!

CLICK HERE to register today!

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Okay, you have sign-up and able to get paid. What now? Well, you double part of that money you earned through this site >> 4daily! This is another easy program. All you have to do is click the "surf" link inside your members and that's it. Do it everyday up to 50 days until you reach the minimum payout which is upto $400! That's where the money you earned through the program above and get paid through stormpay can be use to upgrade at 4daily. So, with just this two programs you can earn a comfortable incomes right from your home through your pc, or laptop or whatever. Cool!

Contact me via Yahoo! Messenger if you need help or have doubts.

Good luck!

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