Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Found out my height and weight yesterday

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm going to regret putting my vital statistics on this post. Let just say, it's for my own record eh? My sister are already laughing at my height and weight when she knew about it via sms. But, here goes. Yesterday, before I go for my RT (re-training exercise regime) all of us had to update our weight and height for records purpose. I wasn't surprise about the height but what surprise me is how heavy I am. I saw one of the other person statistics which was height: 178cm weight: 56kg (or something like that). Mine? Well, my height: 155cm weight: 63.4kg

I suddenly realized, compared to when my age was around 24 my weight was only 53-55kg. But, almost 10 years later I've grown to 63.4kg. I thought my weight is still around 55-58 kg. Well, I'm not fat and I don't even look fat. Click here for my latest pic. One of my friend said that I look "husky" in that photo. I presumed she didn't meant I was fat. Which I'm not! But, errr...that tummy might have contributed to the weight.

Anyway, I've been thinking since, I have no choice but to follow a Phase 1 -twice per week/month then a second Phase 11 thrice per week/month exercising regime. I guess, might as well I took the opportunity to build back what I've 'lost' in my err tummy. Before, I went to serve my NS (national service) in the army, I had do some rigorous weight training at my school gym which had actually help my pull-ups, upper body strenght. Then, when I joined the army, I improve my body. Carving it into good shapes. Well, doing a lot of sit-ups, push-ups, running, jungle training, sure will build up your body. You can be assure of that. Later on, when I finish my two years of NS, I didn't bothered exercising again. Either, I was too lazy, no time etc. You know the drill. I'm pretty sure most of the guys out there are the same as me. Go to work, back to work, watch tv, eat and sleeps. Gym? Running? Who in the hell would care?

Anyway, I've been trying to psyche myself up to get off my ass and at least do push-ups and sit-ups. But, just can't get myself to do it. There's really no passions left in me. I guess, the up and down of life do that to you. When, I went back to the training camp I was based 10 years ago which had been turned to a 3rd guards unit. I look at the ahem.. younger generations and I remembered the good 'ol days when I was their age. Still brand new, hard trainings. Life was tough, I had always thought of AWOL from doing my NS. But, I never did. Some did though. I remembered seeing one of the guys that had awol almost 1 1/2 years ago and he just smiled when he saw us. My two years service was almost up and this guy have to continued another year or so. Well, you pay for what you did. Never saw him again though.

In the army you meet a whole lot kind of people. Yes, there're assholes too. I have the misfortune of having a section of them in my platoon. But, thank GOD, after 10 years my service is almost up. I want to forget that whole crap experience and continue with my life. Living my own life in peace...

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