Sunday, May 15, 2005

Soccer, it's all about passion

Final match of the season 2005 and Bryan Robson has manage to done a miracle saving West Brom from relegated to the second division. While Crystal Palace, Norwich, Southampton are gunned down. I watch the Southampton vs Manchester United match and Southampton really played their guts out. But, alas! They lost 2-1. I knew Southampton will have a tough match and why not? Against Manchester United! While West Brom played porthmouth. Norwich was beaten by Fulham while Crystal Palace were againts Charlton.

Watching the match it was like yo-yo. If you're fans of these teams your heart rate might have gone up and down. Heck, I remember in the past about a fan who died of a heart attack watching a soccer match. So, it might just be a soccer game to you but to others it's all about passions!

Well, I'll be looking forward to the start of next season. Can't wait! For now? I'll be trying to fill the void, the vacuum, the emptiness...sigh! Life without soccer... it's like your wife is pregnant and you're horny and what the heck can you do?

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