Tuesday, May 24, 2005

8hrs of time wasted..

1 more hour and I'll have to prepare myself to go back to Bedok camp (army 3rd guards camp use to be 4 S.I.R) to start 2 month of re-training (RT). Kind of people who failed their IPPT test. The ironic thing is, I use to be base there at 4 S.I.R (Singapore Infantry Regiment) for two years. A lot of memories there. Good and bad that's for sure. For my army buds whose reading this, he would have a good laugh remembering the good 'ol days. Yeah, now we can afford to laugh thinking about all the craps we have to go through. But, we weren't laughing that much, when we have to do the SOC right? Hehe.

Right, 4 hrs of useless re-training. Let me see, hello MP (member parliment) I haven't like pass my IPPT for like 10 years since I finish my 2 years NS (National Service)? What makes you think, I will ever pass that stupid IPPT test even after 2 months of intensive re-training? Hell0, unlike you we have a business to run, a job that we relied on to pay the bills, family to take care of. Why the hell are you making our life so difficult? Let's face it, I have buds who'll pay good money just so they can get an MC (medical certificate) just so they can escape from RT. Some even go AWOL (absent without official leave) just because of your stupid RT system. On top of that, we'll have to keep doing it until we are 40 years old! What the F8*&^##!

Ah singapore, and it's over-zealous government. What will I have to do, to break free from you guys? Too bad, I wasn't in the engineer department, or I would love to learn how to freaking blow the shit out of your HQ. Well, at least I won't need to go to the gym right? With free PTI (Physical Training Instructor) who are half my age. What's more you want to whip you up to fitness? A couple of years more, a couple of years more and I'll be free from the clutches of the SAF (Singapore Arm Forces). Then, I'll be truly freeeeee........

Stupid government..

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