Thursday, May 26, 2005

Carrie + Liverpool = Success

Liverpool vs Ac Milan updates:

Wowowweee.. Today, sure is a good day. You can smell success everywhere. To start off, I had to stayed up all night to watch the match between Liverpool vs Ac Milan. Yesterday, I posted my thoughts that in this match anything can happen. Guess what? It certainly was like going for a roller coaster ride! First half Ac Milan was on top with even Paolo Maldini drawing first blood. At the age of 36 he's truly a legend. Then Crespo, rejected by Chelsea (which I thought was a mistake) scored twice to seemingly brush aside Liverpool hope of ever lifting the coveted Champions League Cup. I sms my friends saying that rather then wasting my time watching Liverpool played Ac Milan gunned down 3-0 in first half, I would rather sleep in disgust!

But then, Gerard scored, then Smicer then a penalty scored by xabi. Wow! Suddenly, at second half Liverpool are playing their heart out and clawing their way to a thrilling 3-3 draw. It quickly remind me of Liverpool match with Deportivo which was like a yo-yo match. Of course, in that game finally Liverpool come on top. What do ya know, in this game, Liverpool again come on top with Dudek doing ala Grobbelar between the post trying to distract the other side from keeping their cool and miskicks their penalty kick. I must hand it to Dudek, Carragher, Haman, smicer and of course Gerard which incidently is the main frame of that same team who beats deportivo. Yes! Finally, Liverpool did what Arsenal, Manchester United and recently Chelsea can't do in spite of having tons of good players. That is to win the coveted Champions League Cup!!

Lo and behold Chelsea the EPL champion, Arsenal last year champion now at second place in the League while Manchester are at 3rd place. Liverpool? Not even in the 4th spot but did a miracle by winning the Champions League Cup against all odds. Gerrard, was right when he said the Liverpool fans was the 12th player. They sing their heart out "You'll never walk alone" and support Liverpool through and through. To all those supporters, congratulations, you're the Europe club best team. You're a champion, you deserve to win.

Heart aches to Ac Milan. Like everyone keep saying, the ball is round. Do your talking on the pitch and the GOD of football will do the rest.

NEXT: Carrie is the 2005 American Idol.

Yesterday, the same thing. I thought, Carrie did enough to pips Bo Bice to become the new Amercian Idol. Bo performance yesterday was not up to mark. His performance was subdued. I think I aggree with Simon, picking the right song is crucial. If you sing songs that nobody can relate to or it doesnt suit your voice and personality it will works against you.

Looking back at Carrie and Bo bice performance, I think Bo should come up on top. But, I guess, america vote judging by the latest performance i.e yesterday performance. But, both of them is a winner. Bo a rocker, Carrie a country babe. Both will definitely explode into stardom for years to come. Just show to prove that no matter who you are, if you follow your dreams, work at it and be patience, it just might come true. If it don't? Hey, there will always be winner and loser. Dissapointment builds character. If it didn't kill you, it will only make you stronger.

Good luck to Bo and Carrie.

Boy! What a day, what a day!

Now, if you can smell what de rock is coooookkiiiinnnngggg!!!

Stay cool, dude and dudedz!

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