Sunday, May 29, 2005

Didn't realize third season of apprentic just finish

The other day, I was complaining about the Apprentice second season where all the woman suckz. Didn't realize then that they showed the show here in singapore a year late. Well, the finale result is still the same though. The women didn't get the job. And the guy, now I finally know what his name is, Kelly, although didn't win convincingly still win. Yes!

I search around and read that the third season is more interesting. It's between the streetsmart and the booksmart. In the end the booksmart win. And yes, it's a woman. But, the question still remain is a booksmart better then the streetsmart? The problem with streetsmart is, you have to go through the long way round to reach your target. While the booksmart, learn through books and history of failure, success etc. In a way, it's shortening the learning curve. But, to me, I realized that theory and practical go hand in hand.

People learn from others mistakes. You do that because you don't want to make the same stupid mistakes that others does. Also, it's always good to read up on latest updates and knowledge. You need to be prepared for the worse. You need to know what you're up to. Sometime, streetsmart alone is not enough. Although, it's important too.

For example, you learn to shoot an M16 weapon. First, you learn all about the weapon. The safety features. How to hold it, how to aim with it. How accurate it is. How far the bullet can go. What kind of situation it's best for etc. If you just hand it to anyone on the street what you think will happen? Crap happens. Yes, he'll learn to use it but, unless he learn the correct way, he can't take full advantage of the weapon. At the same time, you give a kid an AK-47 and ask him to fight let say in afghanistan or iraq right now? He'll learn quickly, real-life streetsmart way of using the weapon. Point and shoot. Easy?

So, theory and practical. That's the way to go. I always believe in practical but, I like reading and dwell on the subject too. What about you?

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