Alienware m14x - Diablo III Open Beta Gameplay & Game guide

Alienware m14x - Diablo III Open Beta Gameplay

Yo guys,

Just uploaded gameplay for Diablo III on my alienware m14x.

It plays pretty smooth on medium and high settings.

Check it out!

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2. Talonz Diablo III Game guide - click here to get it now!

Here's some testimonials by users >>

Kevin: Level 11 Monk

"When I was first surfing the internet just to see what kind of guides were out there I really had no interest or urge to buy any, until I came across your website. The visual of your site really dragged me in, besides for the visual of the site, the multi purpose guides as written and even video based really lured me in. But, instead of purchasing the video based guide I went for the traditional written and I paid the full price. Although I did think it was pretty expensive after I saw what type of content was inside of the written guide it was well worth my money. Your customer service is wonderful and the strategies you give out in your guides are simply amazing. Keep up the good work!!"

"When I first purchased the guide I have to admit I was quite hesitant, but after reading and learning and using your information it has been a truly wonderful experience. I'm pretty sure my skill in the game has improved immensely, we have to group up some time and fight some evil! =) Btw I love your guide!"

"I was one of the few who actually did get to play the beta when Diablo 3 was first released to the public. But, after playing hours and hours of the beta I still really couldn't grasp the whole concept of completing quests, selecting skills and abilities, but your guide condensed that information into simple steps and it really made my gaming experience much more enjoyable. I didn't have to waste endless time on trying new things, I just took your information from the pros and used it, and I must say it has definitely worked!!!"

"Hey man, I just wanted to give a special thanks to the Talonz group, I assume its a group of people working together to deliver such an amazing product. I really enjoy your guide and it has made my Diablo 3 playing experience great!"

"Just wanted to write you something to say thanks for your product, it has really helped me out. It is and has been molding me into a better player on my Wizard. It's good to know that Talonz doesn't just sell a product that is a fluke, you guys truly do want to help us out. I love the fact that we can put in guide requests, which i've done many times and not long down the road the guide I requested is right before me! Its awesome!!! So thank you Talonz Team / Guy whatever you are lol!"

Talonz Diablo III Game guide - click here to get it now!

P.S. You can download the game from the link here. Also to get the Talonz Diablo III Game guide - click here to get it now!

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