Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windows phone 7

With all the hurrah's of W7 on sale, finally. It got me to watch the hands-on again. I didn't really like it at first glance. But, after watching this video, I think it's kinda cool. Although, I'm still bias towards the Iphone. He he.

That's what got me thinking. I think, all this phones is great. For, the consumer that is. There's the iphone for the Apple fans, android for google fans, palm pre for err ..palm fans and of course now W7 for Microsoft fans!

I would love to get my hands on some of these phones simply because I love new tech stuff. But, the reason I'm bias towards the Iphone is no, not because of Steve jobs but I think, for me, it's because of the games that I can easily access via iTunes. And, not just the games but all the apps. Such, as the Facebook app.

The main thing I use my phone for is to check my Fb for updates or sometime, even to upload snapshots. I'm always checking my emails and like to read some news online. If there's wifi then I'll get to watch Youtube on the go. Too bad I still can't play Fb games on my Iphone or even on the other so-called smartphones. But, I'll live.

Apple, has done good integrating and revamping iTunes. I used to love downloading video podcast on my iPods. It's well organized in one browser and easy to purchased your games. In my country, I can't still buy music or movies but I make do by buying it somewhere else and download it to my Iphone.

I think that's the problem with Rims blackberry or the Android stores. Microsoft, had better improves their online store too. It's what I think that will really make the difference. If more dev submit their apps to Microsoft and they make it easy for the consumer to browse and make their purchase online then, it's half the battle won.

Microsoft, already have a huge fans following worldwide. Office, xbox live, Fb, tweeter etc. all these basic apps that people use almost on a daily basis will help w7 to succeed. But, I still think Apple fans will still like their Iphone better and so do the Android fans too. Hope, that in spite off all these fragmented groups, we'll all get to live peacefully together and of course, let me call my w7-using mom on my iphone. Ha ha!

P.S. update: Just read about steam successful business approach. Just, like what I've been talking about. Rims, Google and Microsoft should learn from it!
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