Saturday, October 23, 2010

Medal of Honor - Tier 1


Today, went ahead and bought, Medal of Honor - Tier 1.

I recorded a video doing some un-packaging and a bit of the game-play.

The game actually been receiving kind of bad reviews but I couldn't resist in buying it today.

Anyway, watch the video as I also tried my hand in using Windows Live Movie maker. It took me an hour or two to learn how to use it and edit the video. I had problem finding a way to delete the installing part as it eats away at the time limited for me to upload to YouTube. Manage to chop it to 10:35 from the original 17 mins!

I think the graphics aren't that great although, I'm not sure if its because I bought it for the PS3. The graphics could be better with the Xbox. The reason, I bought it for the PS3 is because of multiplayer. I can't play multiplayer for the Xbox as I would have to upgrade to Gold or something. I don't really play much multiplayer that's why I don't see the reason why I should subscribe?

I think, it's also kind of rubbish that I have to subscribe to Gold membership at Xbox just for posting my achievements or whatever to Facebook!

I can do that for Free at my PS3!

In any case, the game seems great to me. I only played a bit of it today. My nephews been playing it and they seems to enjoy it. What, do they know bout the graphics eh. As long as they can have fun playing it?

It seems a bit like Modern Warfare but who cares, as long as it's an FPS, I love it!

My advice?

Go get it!!


P.S. How to backup playstation games? Click here for more info! 

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