What can be done to improve Singapore Soccer?

I just post this err.. long comments at Yahoo!

It's about the Singapore soccer scenes. Have a read. Link, to main article included here.


S-league, should be the base for Singapore football. They should do something like the RHB cup where they call the region champions to play in it including the Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, china and maybe even top European club champions. Make it yearly. Maybe, singapore FA cup or whatever cups that could help improve the S-league level to international level. Consistent, competitions will improve our players consistently.

That, could also make the S-league team becomes more competitive locally and internationally. Only, the Top 4 team in S-league play in this competitions. So, every team in S-league have something to play, fight and strive for. Right, now the S-league team only fight for championship. What about the other Top team? What, will they get? Without, fighting for something, they will achieve nothing.

They could also separate 20 teams into something like the Serie A or Serie B of the Italian league to promote relegation. Make, teams fight for their place in S-league. Make them play harder and stronger. With, something to strive for, they will improve their competitiveness.

Money, is a good motivator too. Maybe, the pay limit should be lifted. If, they're that good then they should be allowed to earn it. If, they totally sucks, no sponsors will pay it right?

Football, careers are pretty short anyway. Why, should we stop them to earn more before they retire at say 33-37?

What if they have terrible injuries that will stop them from playing anymore?

So, maybe, the pay limit should be lifted to promote soccer as a viable careers. Of course, if they have already good educations and other technical skills, it could help secure any other kind of jobs.

If we call Singapore selection to play in M-league, might, as well we call our national team to play. It's the same as we select our best players to play for national team. Also, our level of football will be M-league level not International level? That's why we have this 'kampung' team mentality. We become only best of S.E.A not Asian or even higher at international level. To reach, international level, we need international level of competitiveness.

I, also like the idea of our S-league teams to go train maybe, at Top European clubs at the like of Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal. Maybe, at Barcelona, Inter and Ac Milan etc.

Okay, maybe not at those top level club yet, but, still they can go for e.g. the Italian serie Bs or Cs or whatever. Let, them rub shoulders with top players even if it's just for training purposes. It's also good for promoting our players to European agents. I'm pretty sure, our players although, won't be playing at European competitions but will get the experiences and bring it to the S-league. This, will motivate the various S-league teams to play better football. Hey, this top teams, sometime have a reserve team league and players. Let, them train together. Taste, the type of high-level football facilities and trainings.

The possibilities is endless for Singapore football. The thing is, don't just aim locally, but aim for international level of training and football. There's no more kampung. We are already a modern society with international exposures. Change, our mindset and aim higher to achieve higher goals!

Aim for quality of football and football experiences all around!

In spite of the attendance in S-league. I like watching it. Hey, as long as it's football, any kind of football, I like to watch. No, matter what the standard. Heck, I'll even watch the local Sunday footballers play. If you're a real football fan, you don't care. Football, is still football. It's not just watching people kicking around but also watching the tactical side of things or the lack of. Haha!

The S-league clubs should promote their team more at the local, respective areas. Their club could be improve with better facilities to encourage people to visit their club and grow their base fans with membership. Maybe, they club should have a 'makan place', gaming or entertainment center so that people just don't come for football but family oriented activities before and after they watch the football matches. It shouldn't be a mundane football night. Again, it should be a football fiesta!

The matches, should make it more family oriented like the EPL. It should be a fun fare. It should be a party. The Friday night football at Jalan Besar stadium is one good place to promote it on live television. So, that when people watch it they will think, hey, it's a fun-filled day for football fans to go to. Rope, in sponsors for the match day events. This, will help promote their products and also local football atmosphere.

In the end, we want the fans of football to come and watch us live. We, want them to come and have fun-filled day. Don't just think bout the football. Think, bout the football fans. Maybe, just maybe, the S-league will make us proud as one of the most successful story. Good luck!

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