Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Unreal Engine 4.0 - Photorealism is here - Would it help boost Virtual Reality System?

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Hey guys,

If you haven't watch this video then you should. It's all built with Unreal Engine 4.0. But, unlike it's name, it sure does looks real. If it's real, I want this house!

I'm sure this tool are not just for the game industry but for other industries too. Graphic designer, would earned a lot working with engineers, architects or home designer. With the improvement of virtual reality, it can even be used for various training simulator machine.

Imagine, being able to show your customers a couple of external and internal house design choice before a single brick is being laid. Not, just to show them but to be able to virtually let them 'walk' around and have a feel of the house.

Let your customer have a virtual visit of your house design with virtual reality system!

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Gaming industry, have certainly helped improved graphics and hardwares that's being used in other industry. If not for the hunt of better graphics that would help in better gaming experience, the technology wouldn't have gone this far.

Didn't some people said that gaming was bad for us?

Enjoy the show!

You know what would be better?

If you can watch it in full 4k on an Xbox one X scorpio edition, of course!

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Happy gaming!

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