Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Donald Trump will be out by Friday? Stephen Colbert in the Late Show

Yo guys,

Will President Donald Trump be out by this Friday?

Stephen Colbert seem to think (or hope) so. I don't know what's inside the head of the President. He totally don't have any sense of diplomacy. Any, 2ct worth politician would know how to play his card right. But, he just keep babbling nonsense.

One after another, he showed what kind of 'winning' mentality he have. He blundered in europe, against North Korea, and now maybe with Iran nuclear plan. He can't even get it right with domestic affairs. It's only been what, 9 months?

Can't really blame him. If you're a leader but surrounded by yes man or people that only care about having a job. They're only using Trump as a proxy for their own agendas. I guess, birds of a feather, flocks together.

I think, the media can 'break' Trump. He hate the media so much, it's going to be the one thing that can make him quit. The only thing the media need to do is TROLL him. Keep questioning him and asking for answers that we all know, Trump won't give.

Will Donald Trump finally quit?

Crossing my fingers. :p

P.S. Don't forget to watch Stephen Colbert vids!

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