Friday, August 18, 2017

Kung Fury Street Rage Endless gameplay with all characters

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Hey guys,

Kung Fury was a cool and fun movie to watch. And, I know, I'm a little late but when I saw a Kung Fury game, I just had to try it out. I downloaded an iPhone version of it. Playing the game, I think the game controller was meant for the phone version.

At first, I thought, you play the game by controlling the character movement and pressing the shoot button. But, after awhile, I realized that you only need to turn left or right to control the character. A little disappointed. But, still fun nonetheless.

I played, until my right hands gone cramped on me. I was using my xbox controller to play the game. It's pretty simple but starting to get addictive as you played on. For now, I've only tried the 'endless' version. Maybe, I'll try the Story version later.

I'm really a sucker for older design games. The design for this game will bring you back to the crazy 80s. I hope, they're going to expand on this design and create more version of Kung Fury games. Who knows, an updated triple AAA type gaming?

The era of Kung Fury continues. Straight from Swedish indie game studio Hello There comes the new edition of the award winning Kung Fury game:

Kung Fury: Street Rage


Check out the song True Survivor by David Hasselhoff!

True Survivor (From "Kung Fury")

Happy gaming!

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