Sunday, August 13, 2017

Donald trump agenda - Three dead, dozens injured after Virginia charlottesville white nationalist rally

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Hey guys,

The irony in this video is that, they're using the same terrorist tactic against fellow Americans. Having an opinion is one thing. But, to act like a terrorist is another matter all together. And, people are pointing at the head of the country right now as the reason for all this.

Well, if you're acting as a bully and think acting tough is right. Then, others might perceives that it is so. If you think, this is only an isolated behavior then, think again. When did all this hating started? Yup, during the presidential campaign. It's like putting kerosene into a burning fire.

When you choose a village idiot to become your leader, hoping to be lead into greatness. Then, you're an idiot. To think, a national party will condoned such a candidate to become their chief-in-command tell you a whole lot.

It isn't anything new though. Man, had always been eager to sell their soul for the sake of power and wealth. It's kinda funny that it's shown in front of you yet people ignore it. Making America great again. What a joke.

All i know is, it's going to be a hell of a ride in this four years. You can feel that something brewing underneath all that's happening right now. It's already a mess in the middle east. China is taking over the world economic and the U.S. is now busy licking it's own dick.


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