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- to start protecting your home or office while away!

Hey guys,

Nowadays, you can't leave your home or office without some kind of monitoring equipment. A lot of things can and will happen. People are already installing camera inside their vehicle to show as proof when accidents or things happened that are beyond our control.

With the advents of technology today, like a better camera phone have help shown us a lot of things that we would never have known before. This have help in lots of criminal cases with the help of video footage captured.

If you haven't yet install any kind of home monitoring system, then you might want to get the latest Samsung SmartThings home monitoring kit. Check out some of the features below:


  • Everything You Need to Start Your Smart Home
  • Monitor and secure your home more affordably than a traditional home security system
  • Get immediate alerts if there’s unexpected entry or motion in your home
  • Control your home from the palm of your hand
  • Add any of the hundreds of compatible smart devices to enhance your home

Click here - to start protecting your home or office while away!

The SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit has everything you need to start monitoring, controlling, and securing your home from anywhere. Once you've set up your Home Monitoring Kit, you can add compatible cameras, locks, alarms, and more to enhance your monitoring solution.

When plugged in, this ZigBee outlet also acts as a ZigBee repeater, extending the range of ZigBee devices on your network. There's no wiring or complicated setup needed.

Requires an Internet-connected router with an available Ethernet port
SmartThings app for iOS (8.1 or later), Android (4.0 or later) or Windows Phone (8.1 or later)

Click here - to start protecting your home or office while away!

Stay safe!

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other products at Smarthome!

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