Monday, August 21, 2017

Redacted Tonight - lee cam - Bannon's Out! But For All The WRONG Reasons!

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Hey guys,

Lee cam have something to say. So, hear him out. I copied his comments from his video to explain his thoughts on Bannon recent exits from the White House.

"From a shitty hotel room in Seattle, I talk about how Steve Bannon is out of the White House and back at Breitbart because he clashes with the administrations' total neglect of campaign promises for less war. I disagree with 95% of Bannon's ideology, but the it's the non-interventionist 5% responsible for his exit.

Plus, many of the Dems in power cheering for Bannon's exit, are pretending to be on our side, while they actively fuel systemic white supremacy through mass incarceration and war. Both parties in power seem to believe our country has the supreme right to decide what other countries do, and to punish if they don't comply. Both parties are decidedly racist in their policies; and the Dems, with such neoliberal economics, have literally nothing to offer their people except scapegoating Russia, or the Neo Nazis. Trump too, is not offering any political programs or solutions to help his economically struggling base, so he scapegoats immigrants. Meanwhile, money continues to pour into the military industrial complex."

Woken up yet?

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