Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Are you buying the 2DS XL?

Get the Nintendo New 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise!

Hey guys,

Are you buying the 2ds xl?

You might want to watch my unboxing video of the 3ds xl before you buy. As you can see, the form factor aren't that much different from the new 2ds xl. The 2ds does have some improved features. The big difference though, is the 2ds doesn't have the 3d capabilities.

I admit, I don't really use the 3d's capabilities while playing games on it. In fact, not until, the 2ds came out that I remembered about it. But, it is part of the reason that I bought the 3ds two years ago. That could also be part of the reason why Nintendo went back to building the 2ds.

Nintendo New 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise

So, what's going to happen to the 3ds xl?

Well, having the 3d's meant that, I can always turn it on and enjoy the experience of playing in 3ds. And, people are still buying the 3ds xl too. Now, they have a choice. You, have a choice. Either buy the latest 2ds or buy the 3ds. The good thing is you have backlog of games that you can buy for either products.

And, the games are all that matters!

I admit, I'm tempted to buy. I always like new gadgets. And, the 2DS XL does look slick and modern. If I didn't still have my 3ds xl, I might have bought it. If you pass up on the 3ds or 3ds xl then definitely give this a go. With so many games collection, your choice is unlimited!

Still looking to buy the new 2DS XL?

Nintendo New 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise
  • Colorful accents add style, while the sleek clamshell design makes it comfortable to hold and helps to keep screens safe from scratches when closed. 
  • A fast processor offers short loading times, so you can start playing in a snap. And it's all in a lightweight, play-anywhere package. 
  • The C Stick brings enhanced controls (like intuitive camera control) to compatible games, while ZL and ZR buttons give you plenty of options. 
  • Tap an amiibo figure to the near-field communication (NFC) reader on the lower screen to enjoy amiibo features in compatible games. 
  • You can play all Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games in 2D on this system. Includes AC adapter.

Don't forget to watch my 3ds xl unboxing video!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Get the Nintendo New 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise!

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