Sunday, August 20, 2017

YouTube's War on Independent Media - Are you being shut down?

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Hey guys,

I've heard about cases of Youtube (owned by Google), closing any kind of channel that deemed to be non-conformities or 'outside' of normal media consumption. But, the show, "Redacted tonight" itself had been demonetized. Means, their show can't earn any ads revenue.

I've also heard about some website being totally shut down. Of course, this had happened before and now, it's happening again. I understand, if it's some hateful or crazy shows that deserved to be shut down but, shows like redacted tonight?

How long, Youtube going to do this?

Google and Youtube depends on ads revenue too. And, they depend on content provider. So, if they won't allow these type of shows than, competition might finally eat these corporates up. Google, are growing too big for it's own good. Heck, didn't they just split up?

I'm blogging this on, which Google also had bought over couple years back. But, the good news is (maybe not good news), I'm not earning any money from Adsense. Because, Google, bought over Paypal (Paypal suckz!) too. For some idiotic reason, my account with Paypal been banned almost 15+ years ago.

So, I had to depend on other kind of ways to make money. I've actually, stop blogging for couple of years. Ok, maybe, still blog post a bit here and there. But, never full time. Only now, I've started to regularly post again.

To me, blogging is kinda personal. I post about my own thoughts on events that's happening around the world. I post about games and tech that I like. Sometime, I even post about crazy stuff like bigfoot, aliens or anything that interest me.

Blogging can be a bit therapeutic. Why? Because, it helps to talk about things. Instead, of keeping it all inside. Why not let it all out in the open. Let, everyone knows what you're thinking. And, maybe, you'll get some response.

That response, might not be what you want to hear but hey, at least you know where you stand right?

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Just use my contact formed. :p

Anyway, watch the show and think about it. Are we being too control by the big corporates and the government?

Have a happy weekend!

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