Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Hollywood artist made a stunning sci-fi short about a dark future that...

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Hey guys,

Check out this cool sci-fi short story. The visual arts are stunning but it kind of left you hanging. Hanging for more?

Well, maybe. But, it looks interesting enough. And, a bit weird. They talk about what our future would be like but, is it ours?

Robot that going after another robot. But, the woman or creature in the short story doesn't look like the usual robot we're all used to. Inside, her head were fibers. Fiber optics robot?

Maybe, she's a future pirate bay that store movies or games inside her and sell it to others for money. A future wikileaks, maybe?

Lots of unanswered questions. We all have our own opinions of what the future would be like. Would the robots in the future become like the terminator?

It's pretty interesting what the future would be like. Just hope, it won't be like in this story. :p

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