Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mysteries Of Machu Pic'chu: June 2017 - If only they had time machine!

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Hey guys,

One of my favorite channel in Youtube is Brien Foester's. Brien is an author of books that talk about ancient aliens and ancient sites like machu pichu. He goes to tour all this amazing ancient sites and upload it to his channel.

I'm not really a believer of ancient aliens theory but, it's still kind of interesting. I do believe in ancient civilizations that have the knowledge to build forts made of megalithic stones that weigh tons. It's a wonder how they're able to carry all those heavy stones and put it in place!

It's really a mystery how they do it. How the past civilizations live their lives. They're basically like us only that their way of thinking and doing things are different. We have improved our technology and continued to learn about the universe and how things work.

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We build machines to help us build more complex machines. Tech, have help us improves our way of living and building houses. To build roads, tracks and cars. We have learned to build rockets to help us ever closer to reaching faraway stars.

If any of the ancient civilizations were to suddenly appear in our time, they would totally be amazed and overawed. They'll think that we're the Gods that had earlier build those megalithic structures. They'll think we're Gods because we can travel back and forth from the stars to earth.

Little do they know, that if suddenly technology were taken away from us. Then, in the end, we'll be just like them. If suddenly a big catastrophe happened and wipe almost the whole earth. Leaving just a few survivors. The next civilizations would have to rebuild from the ground up, again.

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They'll forget about us. They'll forget about the long past. They'll wonder, who are these people that build machines and tall buildings. Where are they now? What happened to them? What secrets did we keep? Did we used only stone and hammer to build all these amazing leftovers technology?

If only they had a time machine. :p

Enjoy the video!

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