Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Destiny 2 pc open beta full gameplay - pc collector's edition?

Destiny 2 - PC Collector's Edition - (Signup for availability updates!)

Hey guys,

I downloaded and played the Destiny 2 pc open beta. And, it sure is a blast!

It's actually my first time playing the game, so, I'm a little bit lost in it. The game remind me of Mass effects with the aliens and robots. I really like the weapon design and sound effects. It's a demo, so, I managed to quickly finished the game.

I died a couple of time, mostly, trying to find out what I'm supposed to do. The firefights was light in the beginning but, gets interesting in the defend tower section. The control are basic and you don't really need to learn anything new. Just get right into the mission!

There're multiplayers but, I haven't tried it yet. Not, really that interested in multiplayers. I'll rather play campaign and once finished, move on to other games. Life too short to stick around in one game. I prefer story mode based games. That's why I loved rpgs!

Download this Destiny 2 Wallpaper!

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Watch the gameplay!

Happy gaming!

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