Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Breaking Crazy: Donald Trump's Charlottesville Press Conference

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Yo guys,

Trump is as crazy as a president you can get. And, Seth Meyers break it down again about the crazy-ness of President Donald Trump. I think, because inside his administration there are people who are aligned with White supremacist or crazy theories, philosophy that's why he's supporting them.

His dad was in the KKK. What you expect?

Most people like him because he's a billionaire and his show the apprentice was popular. He owned several properties, the beauty pageant, golf-courses and of course several failed project. Hecked, I was actually one of his fan, then.

But, since he joined the presidential race, people are starting to see the real trump. Not, all though. There are still people who supports him. Republicans, already sold their soul to him because of his donations and because he 'help' them get into power.

I would say, the democratic party was complacent because of Obama. They thought, Hillary could ride on the success of ex-president Obama to lead them into victory. But, basically everyone hated Hillary too. The people would prefer Bernie Sanders. But, they bank on Hillary instead.

The people were fed-up of the elitist democratic. They thought, Trump could change all that. He's not part of the elitist careered politicians. He's speaking for the people. But, what kind of people?

This is all a game people. And, the winner is Trump!

My 2cts. :p

Check out the video!

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