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Nintendo Switch lite CYBERPUNK Cyber Protocol puzzle gameplay

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

Hey guys,

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Looking for a cyberpunk theme game to play on your Nintendo Switch? Then, check out Cyber Protocol (eShop). Now, on a deal for $0.99!

I actually took a look at the game couple of times because I thought it's some kind of programming or coding game. I love that kind of game. Where you learn how to code and game at the same time. But, turn out it's not. Just a game theme where you 'hack' to save your android friend.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

Cyber Protocol (eShop) is an arcade puzzle game set in the Cyberpunk scenario with strong and dynamic gameplay. You impersonate the main hero, whose mission is to bring his Android friend (G0X6) back to life by activating the protocol.

When I watch the site gameplay video, I wasn't exactly sure how you play the game. I was still wondering if I should get the game even though it's on a deal. I basically say, what the heck and make the plunge!

In the game, you 'hack' by going through level after level of puzzles that have many intricate traps that will zap you if you make the mistake. You won't exactly die, just that you have to restart from the starting point of the level. But, you can opt to save at half-way checkpoint so that you won't have to go all the way back.

It's not until I reach the 2nd and third level that it gets harder and harder. You have to be careful not to hit the firewall or stay for too long before being zap by traps. You'll have to think your way through those traps and move fast before being zap by laser or whatever.

This is a single playing game but you can invite friends or family members to challenge and see who can clear the puzzle faster. 

Here's some more info on the game below: (Taken from game eShop game info)

  • COMPETITIVE - Share the fun with your family and friends - Cyber Protocol invites up to 4 players to take up the challenge locally! Be careful, only the best hackers can pass it without harm.
  • FOR CHALLENGERS - Looking for more adrenaline? Try hacking the system in the arcade mode at an increased pace and with limited lives. The task is hard, but if you are good enough, you can get your place in the top 20 global rankings of cyber hackers! Glory, fame, and success - it all can be yours!
  • FOR RETRO FANS - Miss retro games style? Don't worry - we got you covered! Throw away your old, dusty console, progress in the game, and travel back in time to the ’80s by changing game themes and sounds.
  • MUSIC PLAYER - If you want to relax after the hard work of hacking, sit back and listen to the Cyber Protocol’s Synthwave and 8bit soundtracks before going to the next challenge!

Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, Remote Pro Controller Gamepad Joystick for Nintendo Switch Console, Supports Gyro Axis, Turbo and Dual Vibration [Update Version]

I really like the music player. And, the song isn't bad either. I like listening to youtube music on my switch lite before I sleep. So, it'll be great to listen to some cyberpunk music available on this game. Again, I'm not sure why Nintendo doesn't have a music player on the switch!?

The Nintendo switch can definitely be more than just a gaming system. With programming learning software like FUZE4 and smileBASIC4, it becomes an educational tool. If we have a chrome browser app, we can surf, check emails, read ebooks and so much more!

Go get the game now before the deal is off!

What you guys think?

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Happy cyber hacking!

P.S. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

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