Saturday, June 06, 2020

learn play code with Fuze4 & Smilebasic4 on nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

Hey guys,

Check it out!

I've always wanted to learn to program. I'm not smart enough and also too lazy or discipline enough to focus on learning. Even though, back then, I had the chance to learn in my technical school. I couldn't understand a single shit. Well, I was actually more interested in playing the games. 

It was not until I bought myself the Raspberry pi 3, 2 years ago that I started to learn python. Frankly, I've stopped playing and learning coding for a while now. I even forget how to say, hello world. Which is the simplest code to start with ever?

I recently bought the game, Rogue Bit (eShop link) for my Switch lite which was on offer. I did gameplay of that game, so check it out on my youtube channel. It's a game that you play and learns about programming at the same time. Pretty cool. You should definitely get the game on Nintendo eShop.

I did a search looking for game that's similar. I found a few and two of them were FUZE4 (eShop link) and smileBASIC4 (eShop link). I was ecstatic. Quickly, I bought and download the game. I watch some videos on the products and refresh what I've learned with python.

You might want to also check out the main website of FUZE4 and the website of smileBASIC4. Join the community and get to learn, share, code, and play games that others have made themselves. I love that this two software are available for the switch. 

I'm hoping that SCRATCH and Python too will soon be available for the Switch. Wouldn't that be cool? Being able to code on the fly whenever and wherever you are. That's why portability is so important in today's world. Ideas can come at any time and the portability of the switch makes it easier to work or play on a whim!

I love coding with scratch. Click here to visit my scratch page. I managed to learn and created my own games using scratch, so check 'em out. I've also made videos of coding with python and using it to play with robot on my youtube channel. So check them out too! 

Wait. there's more. Learn more coding with python or javascript with a microbit. Visit for more info. I was also wondering if they could bring microbit coding to the switch. Create a game so kids or adults can learn and play at the same time.

Nowadays, it's so fun and easy for kids to learn about coding and robotics. I'm almost jealous. But, it's good. Maybe, in the future, we'll have many smart scientists to bring humankind to the next level. Traveling and colonizing other worlds!

I hope, I get to live to see that. We've only seen it in movies and documentaries. I do believe that human potential have not totally been realized yet. We definitely can do more and expand to other parts of the universe. It's not impossible. Impossible is nothing or so they say.

What you guys think?

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Happy portable coding!

P.S. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

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