Monday, June 01, 2020

Nintendo Switch lite WARFACE Team Deathmatch gameplay

Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

Hey guys,

Check it out!

First off, I want to send my condolence to the family of my ex-military buddy, who I got news died yesterday in his home. We had some good and bad times together back then. You will be miss bro and now it's time for a good rest.

I've been playing Warface that's been available on the Nintendo Switch and loving it. There aren't many multiplayer shooter games available but this certainly is probably the best right now. I made a video compilation of some mobile games that I want to be ported. Watch it here.

I wish there's a camo version of the switch lite. It would be cool. Maybe, there's a skin or a camo version case. I'll definitely get it if it's available. Although, I've actually sticker out my lite and won't be changing it for a while.

I must say, I quite enjoy playing Warface. Love the varied maps. Although, at first I didn't know there was Team Deathmatch. I used to prefer solo but I'm beginning to love playing in a team. Before that, I played the missions. I didn't like that if you died, you basically have to wait for the medics to come to revive you. Which is like most of the time, never.

I'm not going to wait before everyone dies and able to play again. It's a freaking game. Not, a real war. The gamer wants to get at it again fast. It was actually my first time playing on the two maps. So, I didn't know where to go or what the hell going. It was actually funny, I died a lot in the first few mins. Once, I get used to the map, I'm starting to kill.

Oh, by the way, I bought myself the Razer Kraken gaming headset the other day and it works great with my Switch lite. I haven't yet tried using it while playing warface but the sound is very good when I was playing Minecraft Dungeons

I love hearing those gunshots. It's like music to my ears. That's why I love playing this kind of fps aka first-person shooter game. Of course, different guns make a different kind of sound. Even the sound of changing mag is right on point.

When I talk about the sound quality, funny that I never notice it when I was doing it for real during my military days. In fact, I thought, I was losing my hearing because I sometimes forget to bring and wear my earplugs. Yeah, we mostly secure it on my SBO vest. But, it always got lost.

Little did I know, my broken nose was part of the reason why I start to lose my hearing. In fact, I even thought I had a breathing problem. Just glad, the hospital specialist doctor realize it quickly and help put it back together. Imagine, going through military training not knowing your nose was all over the place. Lol.

What you guys think?

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Happy gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition

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