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Nintendo Switch lite OVERWATCH Legendary edition gameplay

Overwatch Legendary Edition - Nintendo Switch Digital Download

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I finally decided to buy Overwatch The Legendary edition for my Nintendo Switch lite. It's actually on deals for US$19.99 on eShop (eShop link) right now. So, if you haven't bought it, you might want to get it before the deals over. 

The game comes with a Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) 3 months offer. Use the code to activate and start playing. Take note, it'll automatically continue the subscriptions if you don't cancel it. I actually already am an NSO subscriber so, I have no use for it. 

I have never actually played this game before. I wanted to but always hold it off. I even forget that it's already available on the switch. When I saw that it's on offer for USD$19.99 I decided to try it. Before I bought it, I search for more info about the game on Google.

First thing, you can't play the game offline. There's no campaign. You can't even play or train with AI bots offline. Which kinda sucks. You can't have an internet connection all the time. So, the game is a brick without wifi. Although, I read that Overwatch 2 will have a story campaign and all that.

I'm looking forward to getting that. Especially, if it's true the campaign will be replayable. At least, you can have fun playing the game offline. Oh, during my research of the game yesterday, I read an article from this author that didn't think Overwatch will play well on the Nintendo switch.

This guy is so wack. His (old) article was about Overwatch coming to the Nintendo switch back then. His main beef is that Overwatch is an online game. You need to be connected to wifi. So, unless, you're at home, that's the only time people will play.

He's actually correct about that. He forgets though that you can dock Nintendo Switch to the Tv and people will of course play it at home. But, if you're out and about, going to work, school or for a holiday, there's usually wifi available. 

You can still play it anytime you've got a connection. That's the beauty of a portable console. Meanwhile, you can still play other games that don't need any wifi connection. Even then, Overwatch 2 with its plan campaign story will probably be able to play offline.

One thing I like about the Nintendo switch is that even though, I'm able to dock it and play on my big screen Tv, I actually seldom do. Heck, most of us don't even off the power. You don't need to. It's on 24hrs a day. And, the battery won't be drained. It might if it's already a couple of years old.

The Nintendo switch goes away with the hassle of having to turn on the power, the console, Tv, controller, and the wait. Just pick up your switch, click the button 3 time and find your game. If you've been playing overwatch, you can just continue where you left off.

It's actually just like a mobile phone. Well, my switch lite is. It's light, it's portable and it's 24hrs on. I can quickly pick it up and play Asphalt legends. One of my favorite free racing games. There are actually many mobile games that are ported to the switch. Only this time, it's all controller support. So, it's much better to play it on the switch.

I used to download and delete games on my mobile phone a lot. Especially, if they don't have controller support. Now, I prefer checking out, buying and playing games on my switch lite. There's also some free online multiplayer game. And, they play well on the switch. If you're looking for a great handheld to play games, then check out either the Nintendo Switch or Switch lite!

Playing Overwatch on a handheld is definitely awesome as fck!

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Overwatch Legendary Edition - Nintendo Switch Digital Download

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