Monday, June 15, 2020

NEWS PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

SCARLET NEXUS - PlayStation 5

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Finally! The Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) is revealed. If you didn't know yet, the other day, Sony finally revealed their latest PS5 that's going to be out during the holidays. Not, sure exactly when but, for sure, it's before the end of the year. That's something to shout about during this covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, gaming has been the only thing that has been making me sane with all the chaos that's been going on right now. You can go back to read my post in January, although I've been reading about the virus since December last year. Things have been getting shitter by then. The only spark, like I say is the gaming world.

SCARLET NEXUS - PlayStation 5

I've been planning to get the PS5 since they announced the back-compatibility to older games. I used to play games on my PS1 and PS3. I didn't get the PS2 as I got the Xbox 360. My PS1 is a modified version. So, I definitely can't play the copied games. But, my PS3 was an original version with original games on DVD. 

I'm also going to get the Xbox x series when it comes out. Although, I already have an Xbox One S Gears of War special edition. I love the GOW edition. The design is pretty cool. I love the red color and design on the controller too. I would have love to get the GOW5 Xbox edition but, how many Xbox do I want? lol.

Some people actually don't like the new PS5 design. To me, it looks ok with the new modern, space design. Although, in this age, wondering why don't they build it a little smaller in size. I hope, you can lay it on the side, cause, I don't have space to put it beside my Tv. 

When I was going to Thailand for a week's holiday, my nephews brought along their ps4. They secure it in their luggage bag. That's why I believed these gaming console should be small and compact. To be light and easily carry around with you. I brought along my Nintendo Switch. Which is, of course, a portable console. And, I can even play it on the plane.

The good thing about the Nintendo Switch is that I can play games without an internet connection. That's why I love my switch. Even most of the games on mobile nowadays need an internet connection. Which is kind of stupid? 

I can't tell you how many times I decided to delete a mobile game because I couldn't play without internet access when I'm traveling abroad. I actually prefer bringing my old ds lite with 300+ games which include emulator. And, it's all a full game. Not, the need connection or free-to-play with touch control craps.

I'm thinking if I want to get the one with the DVD drive or the digital version. If it's back-compatibility, I'll need the drive. If not, the digital is probably a bit cheaper and lighter too. I might save storage space for my old ps3 games. But, then again if I can just download it. First world problem?

One thing for sure, I'm going to subscribe to Playstation Now. Over 800 PS2, 3, and 4 generations of games playing on my PS5. Pandemic? What Pandemic? I'll be in my gaming cave for years to come. Oh, with Xbox and Nintendo games to add. Like I said, gaming is a way of life!

I can bore you with the PS5 latest tech specs. But, I'm sure you'll want to read more about it here. Includes, what new games will be coming too. Well, with the new PlayStation and Xbox coming out soon, I'll be needing to save money. If you're compelled to donate me some moolah so that I don't have to sell my old used kidney, you can click my cute pic on the top right and donate via Paypal. :)

What you guys think?

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Happy console gaming!

P.S. SCARLET NEXUS - PlayStation 5

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