Thursday, June 11, 2020

Nintendo Switch Summer Game Sale Up to 50% Discounts!

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Nintendo Switch Summer Game Sale Up to 50% Discounts on select games right now on the Nintendo eShop (link to eShop). If you've been wanting to get some of the games, the time is probably now. Some of the best games to play on the go! 

Feel free to visit my youtube channel to check out some of the gameplay. What's so great about playing this game on the switch? Well, for one thing, you can play it anytime and anywhere. Even without an internet connection!

I bought the first iteration of the Nintendo Switch 2-3 years back. Sold it and got me the Zacian & Zamazenta edition switch lite. Frankly, I seldom dock my switch back then. Although, I like the ability when I have the mood to play games or watch youtube on my Tv.

If you already have the Nintendo switch and want something lighter and smaller then the original to bring along when you're out and about this will be great. Also great, if you're sharing with your family members and want your own.

I use my switch lite more than the original on my bed before I sleep. It's just like using your mobile phone. Only now, it's actually much better to games or watches youtube videos. Simply because it's much more portable.

Get the 512gb microSD card to download all your favorite games on the switch. If you have the money get the 1TB. I have almost 100+ games and already half of my 512gb card used. I do buy some games that are on the cartridge. Those are mostly big-name games.

I used to play games on my phones but most of them suck and especially, most of them don't have controller support. With the switch, it's much more fun playing without worrying about them or internet connection. If you're thinking which one to get? Get the Nintendo switch or the switch lite!

Nintendo Switch is the best portable gaming console!

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

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