Monday, May 11, 2020

Crysis Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001(-01)

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Crysis Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Holy crap! I can't wait to play the game on my Switch lite. Imagine, playing the game while waiting for the bus or traveling inside a train to work or school. Most people would probably be shocked if they see you're playing Crysis on a handheld.

Crysis: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

NECA Crysis 2 " Nanosuit" 7" Action Figure 1

Crysis 2 Super Poseable Action Figure Heavy Alien Devastator Unit

Some people are wondering if it's even possible. But, hey when Doom and Skyrim were announced back then, people weren't sure either. Now, even Witcher III is on the Nintendo Switch. These games are actually having a new lease of life.

This kinda reminds me of the days when I was hype out about my Alienware M14x. Check out my post and gameplay videos here. Back then, gamers were excited about being able to play a game like Crysis on a portable gaming laptop.

Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6" 144hz FHD Display, Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, AWYA15-7947BLK-PUS

The gaming laptop is a dime a dozen right now. But, with the Nintendo Switch, it's bringing portable gaming to the next level. Nobody would have thought this is possible. Heck, not many would argue that they didn't believe the switch would even be as successful as it is right now.

Yet, here we are. To tell you the truth I'm waiting for the Xbox X series and PS5 coming out in the near future. Although, I already have a GOW edition Xbox one S. My PS3 has long been dead to me. I didn't want to get the PS4 because it's not back-game compatible like the Xbox.

PlayStation Now: 12 Month Subscription [Digital Code]

Xbox Game Pass: 12 Month Membership [Digital Code]

If you guys have either of these consoles, get an Xbox game pass, or PlayStation now membership. Subscriptions will let you game all your favorite for months on end. Especially, in this pandemic lockdown, you'll have a whole lot of time to play.

You can even download the game on your gaming laptop or pc. Valve is not the only way, you can buy and play old and new games. For more info, check it out via the links above!

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

I wish I can play most of the games available on the PlayStation and Xbox on my switch lite. That would be the dream. Both of these companies have to work it out with Nintendo. It's almost impossible but as they say, impossible is nothing?

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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