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24000 mAh portable power bank charger for my Switch lite

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I wanted to test how long it'll take for my Kedron 24000 mAh power bank to charge my Nintendo Switch lite. Normally, I'll use the provided switch lite power adapter at home. But, just in case if I'm outdoors, this would be useful to know.

First thing first, here's the unboxing video link of my Kedron 24000mAh portable charger that I bought for my Samsung Note 10+. I've had it for quite a while and I've used it to charge my phone a couple of times. Both using the wireless capability or by USB A to USB C cable.

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The bigger they are the better? I got the 24000 mAh so that I can charge a couple of my devices at one time or charge a single device like my phone 2-3 times. I like that even if I hadn't used the power bank for a while it still can keep the full charge.

The good news is, I can charge my switch lite with the power bank and it took almost 2 hrs to reach 100% from 49%. My power bank was at 96% when it started to charge and only use 20%. It's now left with 76%. In short, it'll probably take around 4hrs + if I were to charge it from zero %.

One thing to note is that I prefer to not fully charged my switch lite. And, I don't usually wait till it's almost zero before I charge it again. I read somewhere that it's better to charge your phone when it's 40% and stop at 80%. To prolong the battery life span. I follow that same principle for every electronic device I have.

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Some people might not agree with that. But, I think it's a good practice. Anyway, it's a little faster to wait for your device to be fully charged when it starts from 40% instead of zero. Another tip is that I remembered a phone shop owner telling me not to charge my phone overnight. It's not good for the phone battery. Although, nowadays, your phone will stop charging if it's full.

In any case, I practice the routine of charging my phone at least until above 80% and never do overnight charge. If I'm working outside, I usually recharge my phone during my lunch break. The next time I charge it when I'm at home.

Of course, how many times you charged your own phone pretty much depends on your usage. For now, I've never actually brought my switch lite outside. So, I'm not sure how many times, I will need to charge it. It'll depend on how many times I have played games on it.

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It'll also depend on where I'm going. If I'm going on a long holiday, I'll probably just bring my main charger. If I'm working, I'll then probably bring my portable charger. I can use it to charge my phone and my switch lite at the same time. Pretty nifty.

Oh, one thing to also note is that, if there's a wall plug, I sometimes play and charged at the same time. I haven't tried playing and charging with the power bank yet. I'm not sure if I can do that. I assumed it will be much slower. You might be able to do that with the latest upgraded power bank though.

What you guys think?

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Happy gaming!

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