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Nintendo Switch Online With Spotify and Netflix Service Offer?

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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No. Nintendo isn't offering Spotify and Netflix with their (NSO) Nintendo Switch Online membership. Wouldn't that be great though? One thing I like if they're available on the switch is that you can download music and movies to watch or listen offline.

That will of course be great for long trips without the internet. I know, people will say you can already do that on a mobile phone or other devices. Well, why not on the switch? Especially, if the switch is becoming your goto entertainment system?

I've had my first gen Nintendo Switch for almost 2 years + and later sold it to get the Switch lite. I've loved the switch lite since then. To me, it's much lighter and portable than the original. It's easier to hold to watch youtube videos or listening to music streaming.

The main Nintendo switch is great for the family and friends' fun time. You can dock it to the Tv and play with the others. Even if you're not docking, you can still share the controllers to play together. You can't do that with the lite. Although, if your friends also have a switch, you can still play together.

The problem with the Nintendo Switch back then was the lack of games. It's also not as powerful as the Xbox or Playstation. Nowadays, you can play back-compatible games on both of these gaming consoles. Whereas, Nintendo only offer retro games. Which is already available in every shape and form.

To be able to play Wii or 3ds games on the Nintendo switch will open up more games catalog. There's basically every kind of emulators available to play decades of games. Nintendo might want to offer the games on their NSO for those that prefer to pay and play the originals on one device.

Nintendo Switch and Switch lite now have a combined total of 53 million-plus sold worldwide. And, they're not taking full advantage of that market value. Their aim now should be 100 million units. All they have to do is to add more offerings in their eShop.

The Switch owners like me hanker for more stuff to do on their portable entertainment system. Specifically, the switch lite can be compared to the mobile gaming phone. First off, the size. Second, the games are way better on the switch then on the phone. That's a fact. But, besides gaming, Google store also offers music, movies, apps, etc.

Yes. There are some good mobile games already available on the switch. The ported games become a full game with full controller support. Unlike their mobile counterpart which uses mostly touchscreen control. Touchscreen control might be fun in some games, but they're mostly craps. And, it's not really that nice. There are times when I lost track of the control, tapping on the wrong place of the screen.

Playing with a controller is way much better. It feels great to the touch and you play by instincts. That means you're doing stuff without even thinking about it. You don't have to keep looking at where your thumbs are actually at. Which I constantly have to do. It's becoming a problem that game dev opts to create games that run on auto. Wtf!?

That's why I'm happy I finally got my hands on the Switch lite. It's much better than owning a gaming laptop or a gaming phone. Yes, they might be more powerful and with Steam, there are thousands of games to play. But it's not portable and you can't play on the go.

The Nintendo Switch offers flexibility. On a whim, you can just take it out of your bag and just play. You don't have to turn on your heavy laptop and you don't have to worry about the controller like the mobile phone. Pretty much the best of both worlds into one!

I was going to say why nobody beside Nintendo didn't think of creating a portable gaming device and realized they did with PSP and 3ds. Even Razer tried it with their portable gaming tablet. They were actually closed but the controller was kinda weird, too big, and a hassle.

I was actually interested in the Razer gaming tablet. Not sure why they decide not to sell it. The Razer phone laptop dock was actually cool too. A way to dock your phone to a laptop and use it as a computer or mobile gaming with a mouse and keyboard.

I actually bought a portable monitor so that I can use Samsung Dex with my Samsung Note 10+. With just your phone, you can work just like you're on a pc. Check emails, work on documents, play games that support mouse, keyboard, and Xbox controller. Super cool!

Anyway, I'm rambling off topics again and the point is, Nintendo has a winning product. They need to look at their competition and see how they can improve their online service. Back compatible games, music, movie streaming, and Apps!

What you guys think?

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P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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