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Mobile FPS Shooter games I want ported to Nintendo Switch pronto

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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Admittedly, if you have been reading my last couple of posts in my blog. I've been bashing mobile games. Especially, the free-to-play format. I still don't like them. I prefer paying for a full game and that's it. Nevertheless, there are some that I actually like and I want them to be available on the switch.

I love playing a first-person shooter game and I want them also to be available on mobile phones. Instead of a full game like call of duty with campaigns they gave us only the multiplayer part with some maps. I'm still grateful though and now I want it to be available for the switch.

Warner Bros Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle - Nintendo Switch

Fortnite, been available on the switch for quite some time. I'm not sure why PUBG hasn't. I actually like playing their team deathmatch. But, it only got one map. Which is a bummer? I discovered some other multiplayer shooter games which are way better.

Check out my gameplay of the games that I want to be ported to the Nintendo switch here. One of the games that I like playing is Battle Prime. Love the maps, sound, and graphics. They look pretty good and play smoothly on my Samsung Note 10+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone with 512GB (U.S. Warranty), Aura Black/ Note10+

There are other several first-person shooter games like Battle Forces, Shadowgun Legends, Shadowgun War games, and Super Mecha Champions. Shadowgun legends have several solos, short missions that you can play on your own.

There are many other shooter games available but one of the reasons I don't play them is that their control sucks. The games above allow me to realign my trigger icons to my mechanical triggers. I love playing with my triggers.

Mobile Game Controller,(Back Trigger) URUTOREO Sensitive Shoot and Aim Buttons L1R1 for PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival Cell Phone Game Controller for Android iOS (Transparent) (1 Pair)

Since I bought my switch lite, I've been buying and downloading games on it. It's actually more portable than my original Nintendo switch. I even use it to watch youtube videos and listening to music before I sleep. It's pretty much like having Netflix or Spotify. Which, I don't know why it's still not available.

Anyway, with a better controller, obviously, the mobile multiplayer first-person shooter games that I've been playing would work really well on my switch lite. I hope they port the game pronto. The Nintendo Switch is a great portable gaming console there's no doubt about it.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

In fact, these kinds of games would also probably play well on the PSP slim vita too. Which, I also owned. Frankly, I'm surprised Sony, scrap their portable console. They should hitch a ride the wave of the popular Nintendo switch. Their portable console is actually even more advanced than the Nintendo switch.

Maybe, sony is tired of their portable console being hacked or it doesn't have the support of their fans. That's why I don't believe in people ripping off these companies by hacking or download free games to play. If you're not paying these companies, and they don't have that business margins, how they're going to improve or innovate?

I'm not an angel myself. But, I make it a point to buy games too. To support game dev, especially the indies. These people need to eat and feed their families. Free stuff is great, but not at the point of killing the products and creativities. In the end, we, the customers, or fans of the products will suffer.

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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