Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Burnout Paradise Remastered - Nintendo Switch

Burnout Paradise Remastered - Nintendo Switch

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

This is definitely one of the best racing games on console and pc back in the days. Now, it's coming to the Switch. Yeah, again, it's an old game. But, ever heard of the saying, old is gold? This is definitely gold. Although, a new burnout game wouldn't hurt?

The best of all for me is that I can play this game anytime and anywhere on my switch lite. Playing a console-level game on my handheld is actually interesting. It's like playing on a mobile phone but with a controller. And, the quality isn't bad either.

Burnout Paradise Remastered - Nintendo Switch

The games are starting to pile up for the Nintendo switch. I won't be surprised if this helps sells the switch more. It already sold 53 million worldwide. It's a great multimedia entertainment system. And, it's not even that powerful. I guess those that bought the switch like the balance of CPU and GPU.

I read the news that Asphalt Legends the free-to-play game for the switch has already 5 million downloads. It's actually more fun to play on my switch lite than the phone because I have more control of the game.

Anyway, 53 million Nintendo switch owners meant that there are 53 million potential customers waiting to buy and play your game. Game dev and publishers that don't have their games on this platform yet is definitely missing out on potential earnings.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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I hope this will inspire more new great games coming to the switch. Nintendo should also set up an app section for the switch. I've been wanting this since the first day I bought my Nintendo switch 2+ years ago. Yeah, I know. There's a level of uncertainty when you open up your system to apps. But, just look at the mobile phone. Now phones like Samsung are pretty much secured.

I'm pretty sure a lot of Nintendo switch users, ok not all, like to use their switch for other purposes too like listening to music and watching movies. You can actually already do that with the Youtube app. I use it to watch the news, listening to music or music videos and some available movies.

All current gaming console like PS4 and Xbox already have that. Why the Nintendo Switch doesn't have them is beyond me. Especially, when the Nintendo Switch can be docked to the Tv or monitor. Why Nintendo why?

One thing for sure, it's fast becoming a great portable gaming system.

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Burnout Paradise Remastered - Nintendo Switch

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