Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

Hey guys,

Check it out!

If you didn't already know, you can access and check out your Facebook and Twitter on your Nintendo Switch. I discovered it back in the early days from a guy youtube channel. And you don't need to do any kind of hacking.

It's pretty easy. Go to your link account setting and click either FB or Twitter. The trick is not to link the account. You can create a dummy user just to do this. When you reach the sign-in section, just click to go to the main FB or Twitter page. Sign-in from there. Voila!

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

Another thing is that actually you can also go to google search. From Facebook, do a google page search and there will be a link to Google.com. Click it and it'll bring you to the main search page. From there you can do a quick search and even check your Gmail.

Yesterday, I tried accessing my Gmail but, it doesn't seem to work anymore. Most of the time, it just shows a blank page. I did this on my Switch lite, while the last time I tried it out on my Nintendo switch it works well. So, if you're on a Nintendo Switch, you can still try if it works.

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Accessing FB on the switch is not really stable. The page is all over the place and it keeps reloading. It can't seem to handle that many graphics. You can still browse through your FB, watch videos, and see pictures. You can also post on it.

Twitter on the other hand is more stable. Maybe, because it's using the older version. You can see pictures but videos don't seem to work. You can also post and check out what's latest without any problem. Pretty cool!

If only I can access my email. Yes, you can do all that on your phone. But, when you're on your switch, wouldn't it be easier to check while using it? I'm still wondering why FB, Twitter, Spotify, and other social media apps aren't available for the switch.

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What is so hard about it? I don't think these companies have anything to lose. Well, they'll be losing potential customers, that's for sure. With 53 million switch already sold worldwide. Just the other day, Asphalt 9 was celebrating 5 million downloads!

It would also be nice to be able to play downloaded movies or music on your switch when you don't have any kind of connection. Xbox and PS4 have these apps. Why can't the switch too? Unless, there's some kind of restrictions.

Nintendo need to learn and expand their eShop offering from the Apple and Google store. Just games alone are not cutting it. Anyway, it's not as if the switch isn't that powerful enough. Even then it'll be optimized for the switch.

What you guys think?

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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