Thursday, May 07, 2020

Samsung Note 10+ Forza Street gameplay

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, 256GB, Aura Black - Fully unlocked (Renewed)

Hey guys,

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Forza Street mobile from Xbox studios is already out and it sucks!

I'm really ANGRY and disappointed. I don't know about you, but I was hoping the game will be like Forza Horizon 4 or something. Frankly, I didn't know the game was already out for PC in 2018 and I actually download it couple months back to check out the game.

I connected my new Xbox one s Night ops camo controller to my PC and waited eagerly to play. To my horror, the game doesn't support controller and seems like it's meant to be played on a tablet with touch control. I deleted the crap after that.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Bundle (1TB) - Xbox One

I was really hoping that the mobile version was going to be different. When they first announced it during the Samsung event, I was like whoa! With the latest mobile GPU and CPU for Samsung phone, this game could be like the Forza franchise kind of game. Nope!

I even try contacting them via the Google play store but all I got was a generic reply that seems to be going nowhere. The game is literally like those stupid drag racing game with admittedly some cool cars. All you do is press the accelerator and nitro. I hate those kinds of games.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, 256GB, Aura Black - Fully unlocked (Renewed)

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I mean, what's the point of buying an expensive phone that has all the bells and whistles only to play this kind of dumb game? What's the point of the latest gaming phone coming out with the fastest processors and graphics?

What's really disappointed is that it's the famous Xbox studios. The last company you'll expect to come out with this kind of money-grabbing free-to-play crap. I have been playing their games like Gears of War and other popular Microsoft games on PC or the Xbox console.

I'll prefer they come out with something similar but for the mobile version. I actually like playing Call of Duty mobile multiplayer. Just wished, they have a solo campaign mode. Of course, with controller support.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Night-Ops Camo Special Edition

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Mobile gaming needs a lift from the doldrums of endless, cheap dumb games that 9-year-old plays. Samsung has done a good job of turning their phone into a computer with its Samsung dex ala desktop user interface. Too bad, they shut down Dex on Linux though.

When you're on Samsung Dex mode, you're using it as a PC and when you want to game, you'll prefer using an Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard. Some games like, Grid Autosport, and even F1 mobile can be played with a controller.

What I'm getting at is that, stop treating the mobile phone player like a 9-year-old. Stop patronizing gamers. Nowadays, a console-level game can be developed for the mobile phone. The mobile phone can now be docked or mirrored and link to a Tv or monitor just like the Nintendo Switch. FFS!

What you guys think!?

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Happy mobile gaming!

P.S. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, 256GB, Aura Black - Fully unlocked (Renewed)

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