Friday, May 29, 2020

Nintendo Switch lite FREE to play Island Saver gameplay

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Here's a FREE-to-play a game called, Island Saver. You can download it from the eShop. Did you know you can buy and download eShop games from your pc or mobile phone? They'll be immediately downloaded to your Nintendo Switch or Switch lite automatically.

So, if you're browsing the eShop on your Pc or other devices and decide to buy a game, you can buy it and the games will automatically start the download on your switch. Just make sure it is the same account that you have links to.

I find it convenient to browse and buy a game from the Nintendo eShop from my pc. I'm on my pc almost the whole day. Once, awhile, I do like to go to the eShop from my switch too. I like to check out the Sales & Deals section. You can get pretty cheap games to almost Free!

That's how I found out about the Island Saver game. It's not a bad game and kinda fun. Your job is to save the island by cleaning up the trash and rubbish that landed on the island from all over the world. Your weapon will be able to suck water and trash. You can use the water to clean up the trees and plants.

Oh, you can also use it to collect coins from the ground when you save the plants or from the animals once they ate full. It's like you're helping the eco-system and you can save the money you earn in a bank. Not a real bank but in the game. You will even be tax by a robot taxman!

I like that the game is in the first-person-shooter view mode. There isn't many FPS game for the switch. Most are side-scrolling platformer game. The main weapon kinda remind me of the portal. Maybe, we'll get portal to be ported to the switch. A lot of popular pc games starting to get a Renaissance on the switch. Games like Burnout and Crysis!

I already have 100+ games on my switch lite and there's not counting some of the physical cartridges version that I owned. I also subscribe to NSO or Nintendo Switch Online which also offers retro games. I'm pretty much contented with all the games that I have right now.

Although I wish, they'll offer more than just games. The Nintendo switch/lite is a great all-round portable entertainment system and it'll be more awesome if there's the ability to listen to music and watching movies. Even on a switch lite. I watch a couple free movies on youtube and it's not a bad experience. 

Nintendo might want to think of offering Spotify and Netflix with its NSO. They can increase the price and share the profits with those companies. A package offering of 1-2 years service will be just nice. People can watch movies, Tv shows, and listen to their favorite music.

What I also like about these two services is that you can also download and listen to music or watch movies offline. That'll definitely be useful if you're on a train or bus without any kind of connection. You'll be saving data too. Of course, you can also play offline games if you wish to.

Companies nowadays should offer more value to money services to attract customers. Yes, you need profits but it's either you get more customers or you ask for more money and get fewer users. Which would you prefer?

What you guys think?

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P.S. Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

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