China On The Edge Because Of The Middle East Protest?

Calls for protests in China met with brutality

By Damian Grammaticas
BBC News, Beijing

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I read this interesting article today.

With all the happening in the Middle East, every country with an authoritarian ruler is on the edge.

Maybe, finally the end of all this one-party or one dictator controlling the people?

The people of these countries have long suffers and with the advent of new technology, new social media, maybe the time has come.

I have always thought all this dictators like Saddam, Qaddafi, Kim Jong-il and others like them kinda stupid buffoon. (China, to me have done well in opening up and changing for the better. Can't say much for the kind of authoritarian one party system though)


They have all the powers in the world to make their country a better place but instead they destroy it. They murdered their own people, plundered wealth, stay in power for too long and all for what?

To be the Top man?

To be 'King'?

To be 'King' of destroyed lands and people?

These kind of people are blinded by power. They have no sense of justice, honor and relevancy.

They live in their own world. In their mind, they are 'a great leader'. Master of themselves, master of their own suffering people.

C'mon. We are living in the new age. New, modern society. Everything is open. Everything, should be transparent. There's wealth for everyone. There's health for everyone. There's enough in the world to share with everyone. Contrary to what these idiots think.

It's not how much wealth or power that define you as a man (as a leader) but what you do with what you have, your dignity, your honor. If a man doesn't respect another man then there's no honor in life. In your life for that matter.

Why hold on to power when you're not going to live forever?

I think they're afraid. If they lose their power and status they're just like the other common man in the street. They're afraid of losing that wealth, that power. But, how long can you live?

Are you going to live forever? Definitely, NO!

So, why hold on to things that won't last?

Why limit your mind to such thinking?

Do you think you're much better then the man beside you?

Nobody is better then anyone else in this world except God.

If you think you're better, there's always someone else better out there.

Ahh ..mankind. They doesn't seem to learn. This world is just a temporary abode.

This world is just a 'testing ground' for you. What would you do with the strength you have in your hands? What would you do with the intelligence that you have learned in life? What would you do for others in their time of needs?

Life is test after test.

It's not how much money you earned in life. How much wealth you accumulate in life. How much power or how high your status is in life?

These people don't realize they have a chance to change for the better as long as they're alive. They can't do zip when they're dead. By then, it would be too late. And, that's when man always realized too late.

So, what would you do or sacrificed for the man beside you?

Think about it.

Good day and stay safe.

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