Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Fix xbox ring of death - 3 Red Light Error RROD - Why did it happen?

Fix xbox ring of death - 3 Red Light Error RROD - Why did it happen?

Hey guys,

That is the question asked more by xbox 360 gamers, than any other. If you have owned an XBOX 360 like me over the last few years, then chances are great that you have run into the 3 red light error. Some estimates have the failure rate now at over 50% (and more), which is just incredible.

So why does it happen?

Some people seem to think that it is an overheating problem. And while it is triggered by an xbox that is too hot, that is not the main cause. The XBOX 360 should not have a 50% failure rate, no matter how long you play it. Just like the PS3!

After some research, I have found that it was an engineering flaw in the production of the XBOX 360. Actually it is an electrical malfunction, built right in to the XBOX 360. It is a definite flaw, but it has an easy fix, if you know the right steps.

How do we fix this - xb0x 360 repair?

Now some people have been trying what they like to call "the towel trick". Do not Do this!! Basically what this is, is wrapping your xbox 360 up in a towel, turning it on for 20 minutes or so, and letting it overheat. I know it sounds crazy right?  Well it actually works for little while, and I will tell you why.

When you wrap your xbox up in a towel and turn it on, there is no ventilation for the heat from your CPU to escape. This basically turns your xbox into an oven.  What this does is re-melts the solder - fixing the electrical connection, and therefore fixing the 3 red light error.

HOWEVER -  And this is a big however - this method heats up other electrical connections all throughout your xbox. And while this method does usually work - it is always temporary. I know, because I tried another version of the "towel trick". I didn't wrap it with a towel, instead I let it stay "On" when it blink the 3 red lights.  Couple of hours (up to 8 freaking hours) later, just re-start the system and 'voila'!

But, doing this will eventually permanently destroy your xbox!

Is there a more permanent xb0x 360 repair fix for this?

Well, of course there is. Click here to see how..

Yes - after much research, I have found a website that offers a PERMANENT fix for this. They have already fixed hundreds of xboxes using this method, and have put together a guide, which will show you step-by-step how to easily do this same repair yourself. They have even made some detailed videos showing the easy process. They have made the process so easy - that they will happily give you a complete refund, if you try the repair and it does not work.  Heck, they will give you a complete refund, even if you just look at the repair and decide you do not want to try it.

Click here - to get the repair guide.

Good day and good luck!

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