Biggest Solar Flare in Years—Auroras to Be Widespread Tonight?

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Biggest Solar Flare in Years—Auroras to Be Widespread Tonight?

Magnetic instability has sparked a flare and aimed a "firehose" of charged gas at us—which could mean auroras far south tonight, NASA says.

Interesting thing been happening this past few months.

Wonder what next?

Check out my Archive post just this month alone!


Something is brewing on the horizon and I don't really like it.

Let's just don't panic okay?

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With all the thing happening around the world, people been talking about the shortage of food and water.

Some have encourage for you to stock up at least for 6 month for emergencies.

You never know right?

It's always good if you have land of your own and you can plant simple food like vegetables and fruits. Although, some food can be plant without much land like chilies and tomatoes.

Well, take care, take stock and be safe.

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