Wednesday, February 02, 2011

'March of Millions' in Cairo as Egypt riots death toll reaches 300

Wondering, how long Mubarak will try to hold on to Power..

Egypt, as a whole should change.

This is a new modern era.

Create new democratic goverment, improve education, standard of living, infrastructures etc.

Egypt, is a big country. Use, it to their advantage and maybe they'll become a new modern city with big investment, jobs and well-being of the country as a whole.

But, hey. What do I know. I'm not even Egyptian and just a simple normal man.

One thing for sure, if Egypt prospers so do the rest of the world. Right now, even the price of oils has risen.

Close country like North Korea, hell-bent on their stupid agenda. Hello, it's already the 21st century. Wake up!

Move on and be prosperous together with the rest of the world.

When, you die, you bring nothing back to the after-life!

Why hold on to power that will never last?

Haven't you learn from the past of Egypt pharaoh?

Thinking they're God and will live forever?

Do your part, you have got your power and do nothing to improve your fellow country-men.

Let others take over and maybe things could change for the better.

Sheesh.. why man hanker for power so much if they don't do anything with it, I don't know.

In any case, things been looking pretty bad for the world right now. Even, mother nature aren't doing that well.

In my own country, it's been raining and raining that I actually feel glad that a bit of Sunshine blinded me earlier in the day.

Hmm... wondering what's coming in 2012?

More bad news?

Haha ..let's wait and see as things start to un-fold in days ahead yeah?

Be safe..