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I had a chat with a friend earlier in the day about the latest YouTube UFO vid I posted on my blog.

The vid is a combine of 3 videos that people took at various places showing a 'form' or 'light' that descend and hover over the 'dome of the rock', seems to explode and gave out a light and then transcends back up.

It reminded me of another YouTube Video that shows a form that did the same thing over Kaabah.

Now, I don't necessarily believe all this video as it's been shown that people do a fake video and then posted it online. It's up to everyone to believe what they want to believe. Until, someone admit that they made the fake video then let just keep it in the open, shall we?

Anyway, a quick info - also said of a story how the prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h transcends to heaven and meet God from the 'Dome of the rock' too. So, do you see some kind of pattern here?

All these descend and transcends thing is pretty common UFO thingy, I suppose?

But, I'll let you guys think the meaning behind all this happening for yourself.

While chatting with my friend, I also told him how we as a Muslim are taught the belief about the devil and the angels who can take any kind of form they like and even took the form of a human being. There's some story of that in the Al-Quran.

There's a story how the devil disguised as an old ugly man and urge the Arab tribal chief to kill Muhammad p.b.u.h. Of course, they didn't succeed. With, the help of God, the prophet escape. There's also a story how the devil himself debated with Muhammad in one of his sessions.

So, where am I going with all these history-telling?

Well, my friend been telling me the vid was a fake and I don't really know what to make of it myself. If it's a fake, it's a fake, if it's not then it's not. The truth will come out sooner or later.

But, all this chatting got me to watch the "Beyond Me" video again that I have also posted on my blog the other day.

Have you guys seen it?

While watching it, it got me to see and think bout God again. About, the Universe in the eyes of a Muslim.

Also, got me thinking about the Al-Quran and how it's actually should be called the "Miracle of the Universe".

I know, I know. It's not the first time, people been talking about the Al-Quran. But, time and again, I think the world should read it even if you're not a Muslim. Because, the Al-Quran is not just a book for the Muslim. It's a gift from God to mankind. It's a reminder. It's a teacher and it's a warning.

You should strive to read it at least once in your lifetime. If you don't read the Al-Quran, then you're really missing out. What's more, you can search and read it online right about now. Be careful though. There's some elements that will try to dis-credit the Al-Quran and post it as the real book but it's not and they can try to create something similar but they will never fool those with knowledge. The Al-Quran has never been change or 'updated' since it's been completed (compiled) as a book and it never will. If somebody try to change it, you'll know instantly it's false as it doesn't add up. There's a reason for that and there's a reason why it's so protected and revered. There's a reason it's in original Arabic and if you listen to it you'll know why.

The Al-Quran is a wealth of information. You can learn the secrets of the world, the Universe, mankind and of course God.

I don't really need to sing high praises for it because, it as itself will show you what you've been looking for all your life.

Every man will find something in it that befits him.

It can tell you the meaning of life. It can tell you about God. It tells the story of the past, present and the future.

You know, people may think - times change a man but really, man will always be man and since the dawn of time, they have never change.

If you read the Al-Quran it would take you a lifetime to understand it but it's only a summarization of what life is all about.

I can go on and on about the value of the Al-Quran to us all but I'll let you 'see' it for yourself.

Click here to read the English translation version of the Al-Quran. You might find something that you're looking for.. in it somewhere..

Good day!

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