Corinthians striker Ronaldo is retiring

ESPN Soccernet
Corinthians striker Ronaldo has confirmed he is retiring from football on Monday:

Where does he rank in the list of all-time great strikers?

Brazil's Ronaldo calls time on glittering career - ESPN Soccernet

Brazilian World Cup-winner Ronaldo is set to retire from football at the age of 34. Ronaldo, who is considered one of the game's greatest ever strikers, has been playing at Corinthians but his body can no longer handle the rigours of professional football.

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One of my favorite football striker of all time!

The only striker that actually excites me every time he plays.

Ever since, I've heard of him while playing for the fame Barcelona.

I was so sure he'll won the World Cup with Brazil vs France.

If I'm a betting man, I'll bet my life for him to win it!

But, strange things happened during that day and he doesn't look like the player he was ever since. Although, he won the next world cup in Korea?

The 1998 was the most exciting Brazil team that I have watched play and when it cultimated with him and the team losing to France was stuff of legends!

One of my friend wasn't really surprise that Brazil lose noting that France was the better team. But, I still believe Brazil was the best team in the world in that tournament.

I feel a little sad that finally he's hanging up his boots. But, thanks for the mesmerizing football Ronaldo. You'll always be my favorite striker forever!

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