Fixing an Xbox 360 with Number 1 Xbox 360 Repair Guide - James Dean 3 Red Light Fix

Fixing an Xbox 360 with Number 1 Xbox 360 Repair Guide - James Dean 3 Red Light Fix

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Hey guys,

The Xbox 360 is a great console - most gamers would agree with that. But it does have one undeniable weakness: unreliability.

Point in case, I've only owned an Xbox 360 barely a year and it already showed me the red ring of death. At first, I didn't think it would happen to me as I tried not to play too long on it. I even limit the days I spend time playing on my Xbox. But, it still gave me the damn RROD!

I freaking hate it when that happens!

Especially, when I'm only half-way through the new games that I bought!

More often than not a broken Xbox 360 is one that’s suffered general hardware failure. When this failure occurs gamers are faced with the Xbox 360 three red lights – a state where the normally green lights that surround the on/off button change to three red lights that flash.

The three red lights on an Xbox 360 console are the machine’s way of telling you that a general hardware failure has occurred, and that the machine is temporarily inoperable.

There are no official statistics from Microsoft revealing how many of their consoles suffer this fate, but the generally accepted number is anywhere between 30 and 35 percent. When you consider how many Xbox 360s are sold, you can appreciate how many gamers encounter the dreaded Xbox 360 three red lights of death.

The question on most gamers’ lips when they suffer this fate: How the hell do I get rid of the dreaded Xbox 360 three red lights?

How do I freaking fix Xbox ring of death?

Most people will immediately consult Microsoft’s website. That's what I did too. Once there, they’ll be informed that the best action to take is to submit a console repair request. However, very few people who follow this advice end up satisfied. To make matter worse, I'm in the Asian region. I'm not even sure how to send my Xbox to the U.S. Anyway, what Microsoft’s not so quick to tell you is that its repair service is slow, awkward, and costly. That's what seems to be the general complain.

In fact, if your console is no longer under warranty like mine, it’s going to cost you $140 to get rid of the three red lights on your Xbox 360. It's also what the new shop near me is asking me to pay for the repair job too!

But, the red rings of death still come back to haunt me!

And that doesn’t even include shipping! Add on another $25 for that, at least. And then factor in the 6 to 8 weeks they’ll keep you waiting while they carry out the repair.

Even if your Xbox 360 is under warranty, you’ll still be faced with the shipping charges, the hassle of packaging it up securely, and the months of waiting for it to be returned to you. In the mean time what are we suppose to do? The waiting can be exasperating.

Is this really the best way to get rid of the three red lights on your Xbox 360 and get back to your gaming? Another option is to just give up and get another new Xbox to buy. But, what if the same RROD happens again? Until recently, the answer was yes. But now there’s a new way.

A better way.

How does getting rid of the three red lights from your Xbox 360 in under 2 hours grab you? That’s how fast it can be done if you follow a new and simple method revealed in "The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro."

As well as guaranteeing to rid your Xbox 360 of the dreaded three red lights in under 2 hours, the system also offers full customer support, from real people. And that’s not all. It will also give you comprehensive video tutorials, showing you step by step how to rid your Xbox 360 of those wretched three red lights.

The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro has been designed by tech pros who know the inner workings of the Xbox 360 like the backs of their hands. They’ve successfully used this method to rid the three red lights from dozens of Xbox 360s.

And now, thanks to The James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro, the three red lights no longer spell the end of your Xbox 360 fun.

Interested? Fix Xbox ring of death at the comfort of your own home! At your own pace and time!

Click here now to check out his site and start learning how to fix Xbox ring of death. It's also an opportunity for you to learn from the pro and maybe start your own Xbox repairing mini-shop!

Want to be an Xbox 360 red ring of death fixing expert around your neighborhood!?

Once, you fix your own Xbox red ring of death and get the hang of it, everyone will be looking to you for help to fix their xbox 360.

Imagine asking $80-150 for a 2 hours job?

Of course, if you're just interested with your own xbox 3 red rings fix that'll be fine too.

Click here here to start the lesson!

Good day, good luck and happy gaming!

P.S. Learn Fixing an Xbox 360 with Number 1 Xbox 360 Repair Guide - James Dean 3 Red Light Fix! Click here here to start the lesson Today!

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