Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yes! Fernando Torres Sign for Chelsea!

Oh yeah,

Fernando Torres, finally signup for Chelsea FC.

For freaking $50 million pound. But, I've always admired him as a player and his one of the player I would love to play for Chelsea. But, I didn't think he would want to move. And, moved he did!

He's also relatively young, only at 26. Although, I would pretty much preferred Chelsea to bring in players like the way Arsenal is doing through their excellent academy.

I think, Torres decided to move because Benitez is not at Liverpool anymore. Benitez, is the one who brought him in. So, you can't really blame him. Yeah, the money is good and leaving Liverpool at this 're-building' time seems a sacrilege (to Liverpool fans) but, you can't really blame him. It's just a football decision.

So, let's see if Torres can help Chelsea fight back for the top spot in the EPL.

We certainly needed the boost!

We also now know Abramovich still have interest in football and the well-being of Chelsea FC with this big spending.

I also almost forget about the other spending on the other defensive player Luiz!

We certainly needed a good defender too, what with the injury to John Terry and Alex and the departed of Cavalho to Real Madrid.

Chelsea have been winning the EPL for a couple of years now, what I really wish for is Chelsea to finally win the Champions League. That's the only one thing this group of players haven't won back. It's about time they win it.

With a European and world cup winner player like Torres, who knows?

Real Madrid is not the only club that's buying fantasy football players. If Abramovich loosen his purse we could rival Real Madrid for years to come!

Anyway, for latest video interview by Torres. Click here.

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