Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: The Muslim Brotherhood: Fact vs. Fiction
Anderson Cooper speaks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen about the Muslim Brotherhood.


I love Anderson Cooper 360 and watch his interviews whenever I can on my Cable Tv or the Internet.

Today, I watch him interview Ayaan Hirsi on The Muslim Brotherhood.

I have to admit, I haven't heard of the Muslim Brotherhood until the Egyptians protest that's going on for weeks now.

Watching the show make me realize, how deeply divided the Muslims are right now.

Most of the time it's a division of ideology and interpretation of Islam.

Tell you what, if the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is alive right now or decide to wake up from his 'sleep' he'll call all of them together and set things straight.

I remember a story where he gathers all his closest companions together and with a stick draw a straight line on the sand. He draws another two line that deviates from the straight line. Pointing to the straight line he says, this is the true path of Islam and the two deviate lines are not.

Makes one wonder if he's telling us what's going to happen to Islam once he's gone. Of course, he already sees the future of Islam after his death as is narrated by many companions and 'true' Islamic scholars.

In short, there's only one Islam and one path to the truth.

Tell you what, even if Muhammad time had passed, we are all waiting for Isa (Jesus) a.s. He'll set 'things' straight too.

In any case, guess we all have to wait for now.

Sheesh... the shit we see today.

Islam, need ONE guy that would be able to pull all of the Muslims together into one whole un-divided unit and bring it forward.

There's a prophecy told of one guy that can do that in Islam and his called 'Imam Mahdi'. No, not just any guy who's named Mahdi.

It is told that even he, himself doesn't know it!

The thing is, you need the world to be in total chaos, in a 'terrible' war for him to come out and realize it. Even then, it's the people that ask him to help.

Till then, things gonna get worse before it gets better.

For now, just be prepared. Everyone, for himself.

Wonder, if it's going to happen during my lifetime.

Good day and stay safe!